Take off


Hi Guys


Welcome again, you might be wondering why I am wearing this beautiful red jacket, well it is nearly Christmas here in England, and of course it gets pretty cold at this time of year but also I want to teach you a phrasal verb using this jacket. A phrasal verb is a verb which has two or sometimes three parts and this phrasal verb is “take off”. I am now going to “take off” my jacket and that is the meaning of “take off” when you remove a jacket or I can also “take off” my glasses. I can “take off” my shoes, particularly anything you wear.


“It is getting kind of cold, I am now going to put my jacket on” and I can’t see so I am also going to “put on my glasses”. That is a “take off” and the opposite “put on”.


There is also another meaning of “take off” which we use when we are on a plane. It is when the plane goes up into the sky we say, “the plane takes off”. That is without any kind of object just “the planes takes off”.


I hope you enjoyed it. I am going to go have a nice warm cup of tea.


Thank you.

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