New year phrasal verb

Hello, Happy New Year


I hope you guys had a great Christmas, ate a lot of food, drank a lot, and of course it is January it is time to make some New Year’s resolutions which are promises we make to ourselves to improve our lives, improve our health. I am going to teach you three phrasal verbs that are very useful for talking about resolutions.


The first one is “give up” and “give up” means to “quit”, to “stop”. In January people often “give up smoking” or they “give up chocolates” or they “give up drinking coffee” – maybe you do not want to stop 100% so the second phrasal verb is “to cut down on”, this means to “reduce”. I like coffee but I do not want to drink five cups everyday so maybe I will “cut down on my coffee, and drink two cups everyday”. The third phrasal verb is to “take up”, the meaning is to start doing a hobby or a sport – maybe you want to “take up jogging” or “take up yoga”.


Three phrasal verbs – “give up”, “cut down on” and “take up”.


Have a great year.

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