My favourite film – March 2017

Gone Girl


My favourite film might be “Gone Girl” with the famous actor Ben Affleck.  I chose this film because when I watched it the first time, it was with my girlfriend and my mother and I will remember this prefect moment for all of my life.

I love this film because I had read the book before seeing it.  The book gave me more details than the film, but the film was better for me because I spent a wonderful time watching it with the two most wonderful people in my life.  So, for me, it’s my favourite film because the moment was perfect.

The story of the film attracted me because the suspense continues from the beginning to the end of the movie.  You can’t be bored by this film.  It’s an adaptation of the best-seller “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn.  The story is built throughout the film so we don’t know what will happen in advance.  The film is full of puzzles and you have to reflect on the story if you want to understand everything.

While the wife of the main character makes everyone believe that she was assassinated by her husband, he must prove otherwise.  But I will not tell you the story, so if you want to spend a good moment with an amazing movie, try watching “Gone Girl” and be surprised by the quality of the suspense, the action and the story of the film.  If you are one of those people who loves brain teasers and drama, you will fall in love with this film.


By Pierre-Louis Ropinski

This post has been written by a student of Bethnal Student Academy as part of her/his homework and has been chosen as the winner of the monthly essay competition.

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