My Earliest Memory

My Earliest Memory


My earliest memory is not very happy.  Indeed, it goes back to my childhood, at the age of five years if I remember correctly.


It happened at noon, when we were at the table, my parents, my brother and I.  As in the present, because, yes, I have not changed, I was impatient to eat.  My mother had taken my meal, which she had placed in front of my high chair.


Except that, of course, “Sir Impatient”, that is to say, myself, did not wait for my mum to give me my food, so I wanted to take it by myself.  I feel from my high chair headfirst and all my teeth went into my jaw.  So that led me to the emergency room and thankfully the doctors fixed that.


Today, I can tell this without any pain because I just have the story in mind and no longer the pain.  So can say that everything is well that ends well, even if the pain was long for many years because I had many dental devices, many appointments with the orthodontist and I even had an operation, probably because of this accident.  But now everything is over, I have no problem because of that, so I’m very happy.

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