My best ever holiday – December 2016

Costa Rica


My best holiday took place this last summer, when I travelled to Costa Rica for the first time.  I went there with my sister and another friend. We chose this destination because of its reputation of being the happiest country in the world – it is absolutely true! It was wonderful, more than anyone could imagine.


The diversity of wildlife was awesome.  There were waterfalls, grasslands and unknown places. The jungle combines with lots of beautiful white-sand beaches.


The food was really good too. It was very simple, with rice and vegetables for our everyday meals, but it tasted especially delicious right there, amongst nature and the animals.


We slept in very simple hostels every night, but with very friendly owners like all the other native people we met.


Costa Ricans often answer the question ‘How are you?’ with the expression ‘Pura vida’. The translation is ‘pure life’, that could mean ‘cool’ or ‘everything is fine’. It makes real sense, once you have been there.


On our last trip day, I fell asleep on the plane and awoke when we arrived back in

Spain. I remember that I turned to my sister and said to her, “That was the best holiday I’ve ever had”.


By Blanca Vallès Armengol – Advanced class

This post has been written by a student of Bethnal Student Academy as part of her/his homework and has been chosen as the winner of the monthly essay competition

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