If I had a super power

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Memories of Caseus-man

The first time someone asks me what it feels like to have super powers, what it feels like to control the coagulation of the milk protein casein, I answer that this radioactive accident in Somerset, in South West England, was probably the best thing that ever happened to me. But know, almost twenty years later, I realize that I was wrong. What happens when you become a superhero, with an awesome power like mine? Fame, glory, money? Nonsense.
Of course, I’m famous, I have a lot of money, I have girls, etc. But I’m bored. Most of the time there is nothing to do, absolutely nothing. It’s not so often that an alien civilisation who’s afraid of coagulated milk cames to conquer our planet. It happened once and luckily I was there. When it happens we have to be ready, of course. But the rest of the time you do nothing in particular. I remember that in the first months you stay up really late, waiting for any signs of danger. But then, over time, you learn that the best way to wait properly is to finally join your friends in the pub. With great power comes great boredom, someone once said.


By Arthur Jaumouillé

This post has been written by a student of Bethnal Student Academy as part of her/his homework and has been chosen as the winner of the monthly essay competition.


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