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Hi Guys


Welcome again, today I decided to tell you a little bit about two very important words in English – “for” and “since” which we often use with the present perfect tense. They are for talking about how long we have done something from the past until now, for example, I live in London and I have lived in London for one year – that means I moved to London one year ago and I am still in London for one year.


It is now 2015 which means we can also say, “I have lived in London since 2014”. We are talking about the same idea how long have I done something. When we use “for” this is referring to the duration. We can say for one year, for two months, for three hours. When we use “since” we are talking about the point where we started, for example, “since 2014”, “since yesterday”, “since 2 o’clock”.


I hope that helps you and I hope you do not confuse those words again in the future.


Thank you, bye bye.

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