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Today we are talking about the difference between “sensitive” and “sensible”. Now this is something that students in my class often get confused about especially students from Spain and Italy where these words – they have similar words but with a different meaning from English.


I am going to give you a few examples of first “sensitive”. A good example would be “my friend John is very sensitive”, if I have a problem I can always talk to him and he will listen to me and he will understand my feelings. This is quite a positive meaning “sensitive”, to feel what other people feel.


A more negative meaning can be if you are too easily hurt or upset, for example, my friend Julie has a new haircut and I make a joke about her haircut and Julie starts to cry, we can say Julie is “too sensitive”. “Sensitive” in English really is about your feelings, your emotions.


“Sensible” is more about how do you think. A great example is, if you come to London it is very “sensible” to bring an umbrella or it is not “sensible” to wear high heels when you walk in the mountains. “Sensible” is, maybe a synonym would be practical something, the way you think.


I hope that helps you to understand – “sensible”, “sensitive”.


See you next time.

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