Benefits Of Learning Abroad

 disney book books GIFSo, you have your book and you’re ready to learn your new language. How exciting! You look at the first pages about pronunciation and get bored! Who doesn’t! You go to the first unit to learn some vocabulary; after all, you want to speak the language not learn phonetics! Whatever the language, learning your first “Como stai”, “Que Tal” or “How Are you” feels like the beginning of a new adventure. Congratulations on your first few steps! Relax, tomorrow you can learn a few more words.

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I would like to suggest you go on a real adventure, an exciting one where you can learn not only a new language but a new culture, increase your personal confidence and become a more independent person. Close that book for a moment.


For learning English or any other language I have a suggestion. Discovering a new culture, a new country and that language is the true adventure and will give you the experience that books will not.


 things india maternal abroad indiatimescom GIFYou won’t need to sit and study. You won’t get bored and you won’t give up. Your new challenge is to live, breathe and sleep that new culture and language. By plane, by train or by boat it’s time to do things differently!

Pack your bags, suitcase or backpack and get ready. Living in the country will allow you to grow personally and give you a great insight into a culture. If your aim is to get a degree or to become bilingual, some time in that country will benefit you more than many hours in front of a book. It’s time for your new adventure!


Written by Jake Teeling


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