Definition of “actually”

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How are you doing today? What is the word today, we are going to think about – actually, the word is “actually”. This is a word which is other languages has the meaning “right now, in the present”. You have to be careful because in English it does not mean this. In English, “actually” means something similar to “in fact” or “in reality”.


We often use this to correct people when they make a mistake, for example, I am from England, if somebody comes to me and says “excuse me, are you American?”, maybe I will say “no, actually I am British”, “no, in fact I am British”, “actually I am British”.


We can also use this to tell people they are correct, maybe somebody will say, “that’s a nice shirt, is it new?” and I can say, “yeah, actually it is”. We use this to talk about something that is real. Be careful, when we are talking about time we can use expressions like, “at the moment”, “right now”, “in the present day” things like this but actually has nothing to do with time.


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